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Travel to Tikal with AQ Belize Shuttle Service - Most affordable shuttle service in Belize

Peace of mind when traveling to Tikal with AQ Belize Shuttle Service

When traveling, whether for business or pleasure, you have enough on your mind without adding additional concerns. Such as: Where will you park your car? How long will it take to reach your terminal from the remote parking lot? If I call a taxi, will it actually arrive? Where is the car return location? AQ Belize Shuttle Service alleviates the majority of your travel-related concerns.

Tikal Brief History

Historians believe that people lived at Tikal as far back as 1000 B.C. Archeologists have found evidence of agricultural activity at the site dating to that time, as well as remnants of ceramics dating to 700 B.C.

By 300 B.C., major construction of the city of Yax Mutal had already been completed, including several large Mayan pyramid-style temples.

Starting in the first century A.D., the city began to flourish culturally and politically, overtaking the city of El Mirador to the north in terms of power and influence within the Mayan empire, which stretched as far north as the Yucatan Peninsula in Mexico.

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